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Can understand your frustration, but the purpose of blog is not vent frustration but to share your thoughts and knowledge about a topic of your interest. Every one of undergo these situations and we should know how to handle such situations positively. Your blog can be a path breaking / solution driven writing, so that it makes a difference.

Rakshita Dwivedi

Very interesting post and I definitely echo your thoughts on this piece. Look forward to more such writings

Chris Milligan

This is interesting in many respects an accurate picture, however the blame cannot simply be laid at the door ofHR as you say in this world of on demand HR many so called middle to senior managers are left to their own devices and often make a complete hash of whatever changes they decide to make with little or no challenge from HR..let me give you a for example...in 2010 a senior manager I knew looking after a department covering Europe and Africa decided to create his own re organisation. With little input or challenge from HR he managed to destroy the morale of a very successful function, got rid of, through a selective job re organisation, a highly talented number of individuals. At the end of the process he was left with an organisational structure that didn't work and a totally demoralised workforce. 12 months later having been allowed to reek havoc he was moved on as is often the case in multi nationals to a job in another part of the business, most likely to repeat his mistakes of 12 months previously. It's all very well talking about wanting to retain great talent but if you stand idly by and let great talent be removed from a business at the whim of misguided seniors manager then by doing nothing you are complicit in letting human repulsion flourish. And yes I am being provocative too

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