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Many of the challenges we have are caused by actions we shouldn't have taken in the first place. When management gives you more than can be done, and refuses to prioritize their requests, sometimes the best course of action is to not act until they ask more than once. In many companies, that second request never comes. (And that's a warning to managers that you are training your people to ignore your requests when you overload them.)

If you don't know how to prioritize what needs done next, find someone who does. Hire a consultant or seek out someone who is already successful at what you are trying to do and ASK THEM. One of the most valuable services many of us provide is getting people to work on the next most important thing instead of doing what is easiest "to get it out of the way". Most people's lives are full of focusing on all the least important "stuff" so they never get what is a priority done.

Much of what I do is reassuring business owners and managers that hiring the best is worth it. They need to know they are making a good decision and if they do hire the best they ARE.

Sue Wybrow

I think this is something that we are all guilty of at some point - trying to do everything at once and feeling terribly guilty for "pondering" and planning - I know I am a sucker for that. Going to make an effort to take some time out of my busy weeks in December to look at the bigger picture and make plans for 2014. Yay!

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