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Business Food Chain = jumping to conclusions, which is exactly what we see here. You've mis-quoted me; I'm fine with that, it gives me a great position to reply from.

What I mention is a business, yes, a business, one with human resources, one that ships product, one that is successful, one that has no person to attempt to play social media, to use the social media systems to add their 'currency' to the network to encourage customers to come back on to the various networks and sing their praises.

There is no mention of selling via Twitter, more importantly, no particular network is mentioned at all. More the case, that customers are already on the networks, they're just enjoying their time elsewhere.

Imagine bending the rules by adding a currency, one where the currency encourages that positive interation with the customer and one that enhances the customer experience to such an extent that they are compelled to come on to the network, in their own time and RAGE about something in a positive light.

This is the essence of my blog.

The point about route-to-market and social channels that can be exploited (yes, a crude word, but business is in all counts exploitation, even employment...which is labour) is we are looking at infiltrating (another crude word) with a positive currency that makes the butcher the baker and the candle stick maker an equal part of the same world.

Sometimes we create marketplaces, other times we take the business to the market. How are the social networks different?

Pubs sell beer, Restaurants sell food, these are all social spaces... the line is thin, but to bridge it you may need a currency other than your staff members wasting productivity on social networks.

Are we getting warm?

How far off am I?

Your truly, @tweetsbyskeet


The Business GP


You are right, and I do apologise for a degree of artistic licence used to 'prove a point'. That said, the assumption that I 'avoided' in my post was the assumption that your post is predicated on, which is that someone will give enough of a damn about someone's product or service to rant about it.

I feel (and am happy to be challenged) that the set of circumstances you have to generate to get someone to take an off-line experience and care enough to go on-line to RANT about it in a positive sense is a very tough ask. You may well be right. I do not claim to be all-knowing in any way shape or form but it certainly isn't 'natural' customer behaviour as I have observed.

There again maybe you are on to the one thing that could break the current market dynamic....one day I can say I know him & I argued that it couldn't be done! ;-)



let's discuss it, just like we would if we were up late with a pipe each, playing chess having a natter about politics. As you say, this is a market dynamic, one which is worth exploring. Tough one to ask? Yeah, if it was easy, it wouldn't be called work, would it :))

I'm happy to suggest we define a term, beyond that I hold no answers, other than I know where to goal is. Having worked with 100s of successful companies, I know that when they hit 'social media', they too are going to wonder "WTF is this stuff?" and be led down the garden path by a marketing junior without comprehension of what it means to create advocates who work in the social sphere.

Rather than you say "I know that guy", many people are that guy, but the question is, where are the 'business cases'. They're there, I've seen a few that represent what I'm chatting about.

I was particularly interested in a day going to see @xingsmoothies with another marketer to explore this. They seem to be bridging the gap nicely.

All we can do is ask the right questions.

It's an interesting quest...

Small Business Success Stories

Having a franchise of food restaurant is my greatest dream.Kudos for the tips you shared here dude.

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