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Nick Robinson

I don't think it's positive intent in itself that lacks objectivity, but couldn't agree more that the two need to go hand in hand. Emotion plus reason/data = best decisions.
That's why we have Kirk and Spock on the bridge of the Enterprise. Kirk is emotional/instinctive decision-making; Spock is rational, data-derived decision-making. Together they can boldly go anywhere...


There even seems to be a movement towards prizing gut feel, intuition – that is emotion – far above the rational in business decision-making (just Google it and see) and it’s fair comment that emotional responses can play an appropriate part in decision-making. The difficulties come when these emotional responses override the rational when they shouldn’t.

If intuition and gut feel are based on past experiences (as opposed, say, to mystical forces! Or political desperation)) then they count where those experiences shed relevant light on the decision in hand and can complement more analytical decisions making. And, ifnot, they don't.

But we need to bear in mind that emotional responses are, by definition, a reflection of how we feel right now. So we need to ask whether a “here and now” response is appropriate to decisions where the impact will occur in the future – our emotional response on that future occasion might well not be the same as it is now, in which case our “here and now” response is neither here nor there and a rational analysis of the situation, based on actual evidence, is much more appropriate.

Questiom though, was the decision of @DanniiMinogue to respond to you based on hard logic or emotion? :)

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