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Nick Robinson

Yes, a very timely and appropriate rant, given the over 4kg of board papers I had to wade through earlier this week on behalf of one of those organisations!

My thoughts about why this happens are that it is mostly about fear. People allow this type of tying in knots because they perceive great risks in not doing so and are afraid of them. And I think that those perceived risks are actually quite diverse, whether it's fear of what might happen if you actually had a strategy that people could understand and felt empowered by, or a fear of being exploited if every last detail is not nailed-down.

If it is that kind of fear that causes it, then process improvements alone will not solve the problem. We need to be growing emotionally to allow for (a) great personal belief and courage in organisational life, and (b) greater skills in developing relationships and transparency that will not lead to those perceived risks actually happening.

Perhaps the shift towards smaller networked organisations and cross-boundary collaboration that is starting now will eventually lead to something like that...?

The Business GP


So sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. You are right that fear drives some of the issue & the fact that many feel legislation is the ONLY way to make sure things happen. We really do need to find alternatives. As long as we are driven by people who have a vested interest in making it as complicated as possible we will struggle but I will keep flying the flag for simplicity.

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