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When I was a financial adviser I decided to 'specialise' in certain areas of advice leading to fewer but larger sales. All my associates used to say that I couldn't be doing things right with only 10 clients when they all had hundreds and needed to be out selling every night. I used to tell them that they didn't have hundreds of clients, just hundreds of people they had sold something to at some point. I treat social media the same way - quality and usefulness over quantity.

Interesting point about Coca Cola in India. I was once told by a GP that the old wives' tale of giving someone flat coke for a bad stomach was actually the result of giving dehydrated patients in India coke, as it was the only fluid available known to be sterile.

The Business GP

Apologies for the delayed response but I had to reply. You are right. We have choices, and we make the choices that we want to govern us for the future. As Henry Ford said, whether you believe you can or can't, you're right.

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