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Some people are massively goal driven. I'm one of those people. My goal was to read your blog, understand you a little, find out what this charity event is and see whether your writings are as fabulous as the Twitter Superstar you are.

I know lots of people that fail with goals. I particularly like your "measuring and framing your efforts". That's such an important point, especially if goal planning is part of medium and longer term planning.

Good luck with your rowing. Keep it steady.


Great blog, you didn't disappoint. Without goals I wouldn't be celebrating my first year as a business owner this week, without goals I would never have finished that first 10k race, and without refining those goals I would not have gone on to exceed my expectations both professionally and in business.

I think its the nature of man, or most of us anyway, that we always want that little bit more, be it a minute off our running time, or an extra client on the books. I also think that by setting ourselves these goals we surpass what we thought we could achieve, and show ourselves what we are truly capable of.

I am so impressed with the progress that you have made on your rowing, and however long it takes you, you have achieved something pretty special.

I am off now to think about my goals for the next twelve months, and will take your advice and stick to just the three this time!

Rosie Day

I too will be refining my goals, I am forever telling my clients to decide on clear goals, but who tells me? the Business GP does! and do I listen? well, I would be mad not to ....

The Business GP

Thanks so much for your comments all three of you. You are right to highlight focus is critical to success in all aspects of life and we can sometimes underestimate that. I am glad that I didn't disappoint as I am always driven to 'over deliver' against anything objective I am set. It is a critical part of what makes me me! I enjoy tackling the issues that people challenge me to blog about so please do keep those challenges coming in.

Kathryn Ebdon

Wise words and ones I use myself regularly, I have suffered from M.E. for 4 years, operating at on average 60% energy/effectiveness. As a result of this my husband and I agreed shared objectives, one of which was to continue my professional development in management systems, as a result of this I am now self employed and will be communicating this very message through the requirements of ISO 9001 (among others) who for the same reasons have clauses relating to setting a scope, policy and objectives followed by carrying out formal reviews of the same.

It was reading Steven Covey's 7 Habits that made the penny drop about why the "ISO's" are written the way they are, as you said, having a plan informs every decision made from that point, then progress against them can be measured, the "Plan-Do-Check-Act" cycle.

I hope you won't mind but my next blog was set (before today) to run along the same lines but to tie into management system methodolgy. They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :)

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