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brilliant blog & observations. I asked the question becasue I wondered if you had noticed a change. It's something I have talked about with people before. We all know about the importance of making that "first impression" but it always fascinates me about how we make assumptions (conscious or unconscious) based on a persons appearance.
I too went through what you did and was amazed how peoples attitudes changed towards me just becasue of how i looked! I found it particularly marked when I was working in the US.
& thanks for them mention as your inspiration. Carry on the good work towards your fitness goals :-)

Sharon Pink

As a friend and colleague of Philippa's, I was interested to read your comments above. Well done on your weight loss - my mother is a diet coach and her teachings over the years have been very influential in a lot of the work I do coaching sales and proposal people in how to improve their personal impact. So much of our initial impact comes from how we look, that's true, but how we feel about how we look is also based on years of seeing how people perceive us or react to how we look! So to help people develop more confidence whether they have lost or gained weight, I sometimes find I have to help them unlearn years of assuming a role - "the happy fat person" (perhaps compensating for their size with a veneer of constant jolliness) the people who equate thinness with being in control so added pounds = reduced control etc.
You talk about confidence and how you carry yourself and you've noticed the real irony in that loss of body weight has somehow added 'weight' to your business promnouncements! Of course it seems shallow but everyone wants to be a heavyweight in business not on the scales....
Well done again! And if you want some continuing and entertaining tips to keep you on the healthy eating track, you can follow Lee on Twitter at www.twitter.com/leejanogly or www.talkyourselfslim.co.uk I keep the "50 Ways" book in my car and one in my fridge - works for me!

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