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Is there also something here about explicitly stating goals and therefore increasing our accountability and commitment to them?

I am reminded of a curious tweet I saw coming from @mediaczar over on Twitter.

He had a set of bathroom scales that tweeted his daily weight to anyone who was not interested.

Will you be getting one of these next?

Seriously though, that lost 4 stone is seriously impressive. I think I have just been inspired, so thank you!

Adam Lawrence

Mark! Is it "real" rowing, with ducks, or a machine?



Thanks. It has been hard but keeping focus and actually making the move to do something has helped. Not sure about the scales though!

Thanks again,



Hi Adam,

It is a machine. No ducks around!

Kind regards,



Hi Marc,
I think you were quite brave to discuss your long-term weight issues in the public's ear, so to speak. I think it helped to have lost the 4-stone first and talked later, rather than trying to come clean while you were carrying the excess weight.

While you weren't preaching to anyone, I recognize a slightly evangelical tone behind your message, that can only come from a person who has already achieved their goal; in your words:

"more energy, top of our game, sense of achievement, real energy, good for the spirit & the soul, it is good for the health, 'get away' from it all, discipline & drive, opened my mind, I am so glad that I embarked upon it."

It took seeing yourself on TV and not liking what you saw, for you to recognize that you were not just a few pounds too heavy. I think that's fairly typical with overeaters and couch potatos who only see what they want to see. Readiness is key: alot of people have to reach "rock bottom" and be disgusted enough to motivate them into action.

Congratulations on your weight loss, healthy exercise routine, restored energy and raised self-esteem. The rest of us will do well if we follow your example...brace ourselves for some hard work, with the promise of a positive result.


Thanks for the comment Lisa.

I think it was obvious to others that I was in that position as the TV link was there for all to see. I just did not shout about it at the start, preferring to expend my energy on changing the lifestyle rather than saying i was going to if that makes sense. I am not at the goal yet. I would like to lose around another 1.5 - 2 stone if possible but I definately feel far better in myself. I think my key points are (a) you have to do something and (b) it isn't easy.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks again.


Stelios Theocharous

very brave...but it paid off.
It shows dont put things off and bite the bullet...


Hi Marc,

Thanks for sharing, I think it's really important to share goals with people, successes & failures, because it's human nature that we do learn from each other & you'll definitely have inspired people.

A resource I recommend to clients is http://www.43things.com a place to record goals- things you want to achieve in your lifetime. I've been using it for about 2 years now & it has been very helpful. There's a great supportive, motivating online community active on it.

Congrats on the weight loss!! I'm right behind you having lost 7kg in 3 months Yayy us!

There's a set of exercises that I do that might work very well for you- they only take 16 mins to complete & exercise every muscle group in the entire body- it's called psychocalisthenics or pcals for short. Details of courses in London are here:

Next one is Sept. I met Nora the instructor when I first learned this 4 years ago, when I use it regularly it gives me so much more energy & tones muscles beautifully!

Anyway good luck & keep going, missing one day of rowing is not the end of the world so don't beat yourself up, but use it as an opportunity to recommitt yourself to your fitness goals. Also it may be an indication that you're bored with the same exercise every day, might be good to spice it up a bit!



Thanks for the comment. In fairness the reason I missed a day was that I was travelling back from South Africa. I think it shows the commitment I have to making a difference to my health that I felt guilty just missing the one! I will certainly look in to pcals. Congratulations on your work as well. We should be proud.


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