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Jules Rutherford

Good article Marc. We are beginning to see that the world is changing and women in leadership roles are becoming more commonplace, bringing different and complementary skills to the workplace.

I would like to pick up on your comment about the speed at which women are assuming leadership roles and how many of them there are in terms of pecentage population.

The following extract is from National Statistics Online and I think highlights one of the key reasons why there is not more of an even balance of men and women leaders in the workplace:

"The scale and direction of the gender pay gap varies according to age. For instance, full-time 16-17 year-old females earned 12.6 per cent more per hour than males, but part-time females earned 1.3 per cent less than males. The largest pay gaps for full-time, part-time and all employees are in the 40-49 age-group at 18.4 per cent, 23.7 per cent and 29.5 per cent respectively."

As a 47 year old woman who has been faced with the choice of working in a senior leadership role, the prospect of bringing equal talent, skill, creativity, knowledge, experience (etc etc) to a workplace and then getting paid over 18% less than a man has led me to self employment.

Yes, the increase in numbers of women in senior positions is not happening quickly enough. In short, it's a disgrace. What woman in her right mind would work as hard, do as many long hours and commit as much KNOWING she was getting paid 18% less than if a man had been employed in the same job? Not many.

Truthfully I don't know what the answer is. Whilst men dominate the upper echelons of business and keep making decisions that enforce this gender pay gap it will, unfortunately, always be the case. Unless we educate all men to see all women as entitled to equal value for equal work then I expect it will be a very long time before things change significantly.

Link to National Statistics Online full article: http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=167

Thanks again for the article Marc. Very stimulating!

Megan Harrison

Great article Marc.

It’s a huge shame that women are still severely underrepresented in senior managerial positions.

From an early age, females are outperforming males in school and university… which is a great lever for the meritocracy based system.

However it cannot be forgotten that women at some point have to manage 2 hats… that of a mother and that of a worker - thus the career gets put on hold. Thankfully I'm 21 so don't have to think about the mother hat for a while yet!

I think the glass ceiling still looms over our heads, however hopefully Gen Y will keep up its efforts to shatter it. I know I certainly plan to…

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